How to Update Customer Email Addresses

In Sage X3 is possible to store customer contact information by ship to address. Sometimes customer contacts change or information needs updated.

Customer emails can be added/ updated by navigating to Common Data> BPs> Customers

Choose your customer from the left list and navigate to the Addresses tab

Choose from the list of address

Scroll to the bottom of the tab to the Email block. Here you can enter email addresses

How to Change the Expiration Date Reference in the Lot Mass Change Function

When entering an expiration date in the Lot Mass Change function or Characteristics change function, the year might default to 19xx. For example, you might set the date to 3/1/30 but the date then defaults to 3/1/1930 when you meant 2030. This causes your lot to be expired and unusable!

To resolve this, navigate to Administration> Administration> Global Settings

Click “Edit” on the right hand panel

Change the upper bound of two digit year expansion interval field to your desired year

Click “Save” on the right hand panel.

Now when 3/1/30 is entered, the date will display as 3/1/2030

How to End Unused User Sessions to Unlock a Record

Sometimes functions get locked by user sessions that are not being used or have not timed out yet. If needed, user sessions can be terminated. To do this, you must have access to the development menu.

To see who the record is locked by, click the lock icon ont he right panel which will pop up a message box with the user’s login. Save this information for later

Navigate to Development > Utilities > Verifications > System Monitor> Users

In the grid, find the user login and the session containing the function name where the record needs unlocked.

Click the line and scroll down the page to the Active Processes grid

It does not matter which line you choose to terminate. Click the action card of a line & choose ‘Process Termination’

Navigate back to the function where the record was locked. To confirm the record is unlocked, check that the orange lock icon is no longer present on the right panel.

How to check the version and patch X3 is running

Navigate to Administration > Utilities > Update > About

The Web server version section indicates your Syracuse version and NOT your patch version.  Those are found under the X3 endpoints grid.  As indicated by the footnotes, just because, say PROD is on V11 Patch 9, doesn’t mean that MIGV11 or TEST might be.  Each folder is independent as far as the patch of V11 goes, but they all share the same Syracuse version.

Click on the folder that you need to know the version/ patch and a window will pop up with folder specific information. Here you will find the application version/ patch.