Sage X3 developers like to joke that Sage X3 can do anything except make coffee.  However, thanks to Starbuck’s online ordering app and Sage X3 web services, it could also make coffee if you wanted it to.  You will still have to go and pick it up.  Sage X3 web services allow any web-based application to share information with Sage X3 or create new transactions in Sage X3 while still executing the expected business logic.  Extending the reach of your business system enables you to have the best solutions without compromising the control over the data.

If you are a software provider and want to integrate with Sage X3, we can help by providing the Sage X3 expertise required to ensure you follow the best practices for development.  We provide the expert knowledge of Sage X3 and work with you so you don’t need to become Sage X3 experts just to have an integration for your future clients.  We can help bridge the international gap if you are looking to bring your add-ons to the North American market.