Custom Development

Development Done Differently

Even small changes can have a big impact to the business down the road.  All of our customization comes complete with specifications identifying everything that has been modified, test plan outlining the data scenarios that can be used to reproduce the desired results, video showing the changes and how to use them and an easy to follow training document explaining the change and how it fits in the rest of the business processes.

Sage X3 is a powerful solution that can be used in many different industries but it does not manage all of the details that every industry requires.  Chances are you will have some specific needs that will need to be handled as a custom enhancement.  Sage X3 is also a platform that can be customized to fit your business needs providing a consistent look and feel with native mobile and web capabilities.  The platform has been designed with specific areas that can be modified for clients to fit their needs without impacting the ability to upgrade in the future.  This leaves countless possibilities for creating functions that handle processes for other parts of your business or tuning Sage X3 features for your business.

Sage Certified Developers will help you find the design that is right for your needs using the latest X3 technology without compromising your ability to upgrade in the future.  Our team has worked with the latest releases of Sage X3 and can help you choose the right tool for the need.

  • Inquiries, Requestors and Business Statistics – Get visibility of the KPI’s that matter to your business in Sage X3 without additional BI tools by improving the standard ones that are packaged with Sage X3.
  • Workflows – Take Sage X3’s Workflow from basic signature approvals to error handling notifications and custom actions that help in automating the next step in the process.
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint – Use Sage X3’s collaboration capabilities to create Microsoft Office documents that refresh with live data from Sage X3.
  • New Functions – Create new functions that can benefit from the structure and control the Sage X3 platform.  Create new
  • Customization – Improve existing Sage X3 functions to meet your business needs by adding left list selections, new buttons, menu options, additional business logic, new fields and more.

Customize with confidence!  If you are planning to upgrade your solution to the latest release of Sage X3 you don’t have to delay in rolling out new features your business needs now.  Our certified developers can help you know what will need to be reviewed when you get ready to upgrade to Product Update 9 or beyond.   Ask about upgrade and maintenance options.