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Sage X3 List of Users and Functions Report –  Buy Now!

Many businesses need a report that can be provided to the auditors to prove the folder or endpoint user security that is set up for users is appropriate for the business.  This report can be run periodically to validate that the people with access are still active employees.  It will show what functions the users have access to along with what reports they can see within Sage X3.

This report is compatible with Sage X3 v6, Product Update 7, Product Update 8 and Product Update 9.  It is not patch specific.  The download includes instructions and a patch for installing the report.  The report cannot be modified without permission from rebdev, LLC.  Only an experienced Sage X3 administrator should attempt to set up this report.

The report is grouped by Functional Profiles that are assigned to an active user and displays the following information:

  • User code and name that is assigned the functional profile
  • Access codes and descriptions assigned to the functional profile
  • Grouped by Module: Function name, Sites, Access Options (Create, Modify), Report(s) assigned to the Function and their access code if applicable

Sage X3 Web (Syracuse) Users Report  – Buy Now!


Many businesses need a report that can be provided to the auditors to prove the security that is set up for users is appropriate.  There are two kinds of users within Sage X3 – web (Syracuse) users who get granted access to the endpoints and collaboration areas and endpoint (folder) users who get granted to the functions within an endpoint.  This report lists the web (Syracuse) users, giving visibility to which endpoints they have access.

The report lists all users set up in Sage X3 and displays the following information: –

  • User last name, first name
  • Login the user is authenticated against
  • Type is the authentication type assigned to the user:
    • LDAP – the password is authenticated by LDAP / Active Directory
    • Sage X3 – the password is authenticated by Sage X3
  • Active – Yes if the user will be permitted access
  • Group(s) the user has been granted access
  • Roles(s) the user inherits from the Group
  • Badge(s) the user inherits from the Role
  • Endpoint login – the Sage X3 user login for a folder
  • Endpoint name – the Endpoint (folder) the user has access to connect

This report requires the user who will be running the report to have Crystal Designer and Simba MongoDB ODBC driver installed on their computer.

NOTE: Simba MongoDB ODBC driver is not included with this report and can be purchased for ~$199 at

Introducing Rich Mail for Sage X3

Improve your brand with the ability to send beautiful emails straight from Sage X3

  • Utilize existing Sage X3 Workflow capabilities
  • 4 standard email templates:
    • Sales Orders
    • Deliveries
    • Sales Invoices
    • Customer Statements
  • Include HTML features like special fonts, colors, grids and graphics in your emails
  • Include specific company logo image
  • Include product images
  • Include actual user signature
  • Create your own templates using CSS or Markdown language

Increase Security

  • Assign a “from” user
  • Supports secure SMTP connections, no open relay required

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Available on v11 and v12

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Rich Mail is an Add-on for Sage X3 and is developed by Logtimiz, available in North America only from rebdev, LLC.