How to setup a getDescription request in SOAP UI

SOAP UI is a powerful and easy to use tool to test web services. In a previous post I showed you how to start a SOAP UI project and execute a run request. There are other requests to run in SOAP UI so this week will be how to set up and execute a “getDescription” request. This request can be useful to see what information the web service is expecting to handle.

If you missed the first post on how to start a SOAP UI project, you can read it here:

Choose the project to run a read request. Double click the request to open the template

Replace the ‘?’ with the appropriate information.

codeLang: language

poolAlias: name of the X3 environment

publicName: name of the web service

Click the Auth button at the bottom of the screen. Type your X3 credentials & make sure “Authenticate pre-emptively” is selected

Click the green start arrow at the top of the window.

The XML result will be the fields the web service expects input for and the output fields based on how the web service is set up in X3