Optimization Review

Spend 2 days with an expert reviewing your business processes and documenting requirements for automation, reports, workflows or process maps and identify new ways to think about old processes.  After the visit, you’ll have an Optimization report containing the process insights, report improvements and/or specifications that were identified during the visit.

Sage X3 Consulting

Sage X3 is a powerful business management solution with tools to help simplify your business.  Are you using all of them?

  • Process reviews & documentation – Document business processes along with X3 system processes.  These documents can then be used in the future for training new hires or testing updates to ensure business continuity.
  • Feature reviews – Sage X3 is full of functionality and more is being added on a regular basis.  I can help you understand which additional features may bring value to your business if you implement them.
  • Process map creation – Create easy to use process maps that give users an easy to follow guide for their specific role in X3.
  • Landing page creation – Create team specific landing pages with the key KPI or status information required.
  • Report modifications – Create your own look in the standard reports.
  • Screen personalizations – Use the paintbrush to set up user or team specific views of screens to simplify what a user can see and make it more comfortable for them to use in their own way.
  • MS Office integrated template setup – Set up PowerPoint, Excel or Word documents using the Office add-in that can be refreshed with live Sage X3 data.
  • User security reviews and setup – Review user security to comply with company policies, document setups, create teams and collaborators, and simplify who has access to what.
  • Minor development changes or technical improvements – Add new fields, screens, functions, review existing customizations, review folder for code changes that should be identified before attempting any updates, review hardware performance, check for database recommendations, and set up data warehouse for BI tools.

Project Management

Implementing an ERP solution and change in an organization is difficult and add to that users also having full time day jobs makes it even more of a challenge.   Many implementations also require 3rd parties who do development customization or integration to other solutions.  Rebdev offers project management services to better coordinate the implementation effort from the client point of view.  Have an expert project manager help your team prioritize the tasks they need to focus on, offer best practice insights and bridge the gap between departments to provide information that would enable the team to make the best decisions.

This service usually starts with a few days on site to review the goals and project status and then create a project plan for the continued implementation, upgrade plan, or ongoing improvements to keep your solution up to date.  After that this service will continue to ensure continued progress with the cross teams and provides a weekly, monthly or quarterly status report on progress towards the goal.